PNL are making history in France

French rap pair PNL have released their latest album some weeks ago. Entitled Deux Frères (ie Two Brothers), it is breaking records and setting new all-time-highs in France.

To start with, the forefront single, ‘Au DD’, now holds the top 3 positions of the most weekly streams ever. It logged 11.4 million streams on its opening week and continued to set unprecedented landmarks on weeks 2 and 3.

The tally now looks as follows:
1- « Au DD », PNL, 11.4 million streams, week 1
2 – « Au DD », PNL, 8.2 m., week 2
3 – « Au DD », PNL, 7.2 m., week 3
4 – « Goutte d’eau », Ninho, 6.7 m
5- « Rêves bizarres », Orelsan featuring Damso, 4.8 m.

The album itself came months after two of its tracks, released beforehand, peaked at number one on the French charts. The current single, ‘Au DD’, is currently the number one song in the country.
This places the album in a very exclusive club of albums having spawned 3 number one singles, the highest ever, tying the feat first set by French diva Mylène Farmer’s ‘Bleu noir’ album in 2010, and equalled 3 years later by Belgian superstar Stromae’s iconic ‘Racine carrée’ album.

And last but not least, with such a huge following, the pair looks ready to soon establish a new all-time high regarding the number of Diamond Singles held by a given act.
Currently, PNL are the record holders, along with Belgian-Congolese rapper Damso, claiming 7 Diamond Singles each – the ultimate certification level here in France. But that figure does not include any of the tracks of the current album, not even the 3 number one singles it yielded, which are currently platinum, heading towards Diamond.

New records look set to be soon broken by PNL.

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