Céline Dion’s french comeback breaks all-time record on the French charts

Two weeks ago, the Canadian superstar released the first track from her upcoming album in French.
Penned by French singer and songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman, the song entitled ‘Encore un soir’ (yet another evening) stormed the French charts and went directly to number one, making it the 6th number one single for Céline in France.
The latest chart published yesterday, June 3rd, 2016, shows that ‘Encore un soir’ held at number one for a second week.

And that is big news!

Because it means Celine Dion has now spent more weeks at the top of the French charts than any other act, ever.
The tally stands as follows, from now on :
Céline Dion 38 weeks at number 1
Garou, Michael Youn, 37 weeks
Pharrell Williams, 36 weeks.

Noteworthy to say, Garou and Pharrell Williams are responsible for two among the longest running number ones ever (respectively ‘Belle’, 18 weeks at number 1, and ‘Happy’, the record-holder, at 22 weeks). On another hand, Michael Youn is a French comedian who released numerous parody records in the 00’s, each time to a staggering success, and under various pseudonyms (Bratisla Boys, Alphonse Browne, Fatal Bazooka).

Next week’s chart will tell if Céline Dion will extend even more the all-time record for most weeks at number 1 on the French charts.

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