The Eurovision Song Contest gains renewed interest in France

The TV show tied with the Voice’s finals and now numerous songs are hitting the charts.

Outdated and old-fashioned, this is how the Eurovision Song Contest has been regarded by the French audience for years. But this year’s show seems to have changed this image as TV ratings and, now, the French charts are telling us.

Broadcasted on one of France’s forefront TV channels, France 2, the program aired last Saturday opposite to one of the biggest yearly blockbuster-shows: The Voice finals. Against all odds, it managed to tie, gathering as many viewers, a bit less than 5 million, its best score since 2011.

And music-wise, this week’s singles chart shows numerous Eurovision entries. First and foremost, the French contestant, Amir, who ranked 6th in the contest, sees his song, ‘J’ai cherché’, propelled to number 2. No other Eurovision song has ever charted as high on the download tally.

To find Eurovision entries at number 1 on the French charts, one has to go back to the days of the physical singles and particularly to the 7″ vinyl era: in 1964, 65, 72, 74, 76 and 77, all ESC-winning songs managed to top the charts.

In 2010, in a year where physical was taken over by the downloads, the French entry managed to top the physical chart, but not the download tally where it peaked at 23.

Aside from Amir, this week’s French chart reveals that the entries from Sweden and Ukraine are in the top 50 most downloaded tracks, while  entries from  Russia, Australia and Austria are in the top 100.

Never before had the Eurovision Song Contest yielded as many songs on the French charts. And who do we find at number one ? Justin Timberlake and his feel-good anthem ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, which the star has performed on this very Eurovision show!

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