Le poids du streaming dans le Top Albums nouvelle formule


France launches new albums chart combining sales and streaming data


Le foot à la une, retour sur ces tubes venant du monde du football

Cette semaine, David Guetta enregistre à son actif la meilleure vente de titres en France, « This One’s For You » avec la collaboration de Zara Larsson. Hymne officiel de l’Euro 2016, cette chanson vient s’ajouter à…


French singles chart now combines sales and streaming

55 years after its birth, the French singles chart has reached a new milestone. In September 2014, Snep, the French music business body, introduced a streaming chart with the hope of releasing a combined sales…


Céline Dion bat un record absolu au Top Singles français

Son nouveau titre, écrit et composé par l’artisan de son triomphe français du milieu des années 90, Jean-Jacques Goldman, lancé il y a deux semaines en titre avant-coureur de son prochain album francophone, s’est immédiatement…


Céline Dion’s french comeback breaks all-time record on the French charts

Two weeks ago, the Canadian superstar released the first track from her upcoming album in French. Penned by French singer and songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman, the song entitled ‘Encore un soir’ (yet another evening) stormed the…

eurovision 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest gains renewed interest in France

The TV show tied with the Voice’s finals and now numerous songs are hitting the charts. Outdated and old-fashioned, this is how the Eurovision Song Contest has been regarded by the French audience for years….


Prince sets multiple chart records in France this week.


At the very heart of the digital era, a physical-only single is the week’s best-seller in France

In France, single CDs have totally disappeared from the music shops’ shelves since 2014. The singles market has been, since then, consisting in downloads and streaming. But last week this rule was broken. French superstar…


France pays tribute to David Bowie by sending Blackstar and Space Oddity to number one.